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Invisalign braces: the future of orthodontics?

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

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Orthodontics is defined as the treatment of irregularities of the teeth and the jaws. Up until recently, people assumed that braces could only really be worn by children, as their jaws and teeth were generally softer than those of adults, and thus had the potential to be “corrected” effectively.

Fortunately, technology has improved hugely the design of braces, and now the likes of Invisalign braces have resulted in more controlled, faster, less forceful orthodontic movement of teeth. Importantly, these new braces, and others like them, are far more discreet than some of the older models, resulting in a surge of interest from adults.

Barely visible

Invisalign braces work to straighten teeth using a series of clear plastic aligners which are custom-made for the patient’s mouth. The aligners are removable and are barely visible, making them particularly popular with adults.

These are just one type of braces that can be used – among other options are ceramic braces which are clear and “tooth-coloured” so they blend in with your teeth to make them almost unnoticeable. Of course, traditional metal braces are still an option, and are still used by children and adolescents.

As technology has improved, so naturally has the prominence of orthodontic treatment acorss the demographic spectrum. A number of celebrities have invested in orthodontics over the past number of years, including Faith Hill and even Faye Dunaway at 61 years old.

If you’re looking to book an appointment for orthodontic treatment, Callan Dental can offer you the help you need. Callan Dental opens late, on weekends and during lunchtime, so you'll always the perfect time to book a FREE CONSULTATION.


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