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Payment Plans
At Callan Orthodontics, we believe orthodontic treatment is a great investment and understand that the financial factor can be off putting for some. That is why we have put in place a number of payment plans to suit all budgets.

Depending on your choice of treatment, payment plans can start from as little as €25* per week.

During your free consultation, your TCO will talk you through each payment plan available and answer any questions you may have.


Terms & Conditions

  • We will only accept payments on a Weekly/Monthly direct debit basis or full payment upfront.  Braces cannot be paid for at each appointment and direct debits must be set up before the braces fit appointment.

  • All deposits and direct debits must be paid before the braces go on. 5% Discount applies if paid up front. 

  • If direct debits fail you must contact the practice to pay over the phone. Failure to do so or three or more failed debits will result in suspension of treatment.

  • There is a one off processing fee of less than €1 for weekly payment plans.

  • There will be a charge of €15 for all failed direct debit payments and this fee will be applied to your account. 

  • Braces will not be removed until the braces are paid in full.


Dental Hygienist and Dental Treatment

  • We recommend that you have a hygienist visit before the braces fit and fixed retainer fit, to ensure that they bond well to the teeth and also at 4-6 monthly intervals throughout your treatment to maintain good oral health.  This is not included in the set fee, (€65 per visit).

  • Any dental work needed prior to or during Orthodontic treatment will not be covered in costs above e.g. fillings/extractions.

If you have any questions about our payment plans feel free to email or call on or (056) 77 555 77.


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